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5 Quick and Easy Strategies to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

While I personally enjoy automating certain aspects of my business, there are some areas where personal attention is a must. People want to connect to an actual person and not an automatic message. They want to hear your thoughts, see great quotes, cool pictures of clients, and learn great tips from you.

Before reading any further if you look at your Facebook page you will see where you had higher engagement, comments, shares and potential clients reaching out to you. Was it when you posted great quotes? Asked thought-provoking questions? When you had some great pics of your events, clients or out and about adventures?

Here are 5 ways to re-charge your Facebook page:


• I share with my clients all the time to look at the online world as your real estate. The more space you occupy the stronger your brand will be. Facebook is the same way. Use more visuals on your page.

• Every day we post something visual to engage our audience. Visuals take up more space on the news feeds, which means your information will stand out. Visuals can be pictures, quotes, videos or infographics.

• You will notice that when you use more visuals people become more engaged.


• The way to engage your Facebook fans is to get to know them, comment on their page, or share their posts. Something I do and it has dramatically helped me to create stronger content on our Facebook page, gain additional fans, and form JV partnerships... is I view their profiles to get to know them better.

• Then I take it one step further, I comment on their page and I contact them to thank them for being a fan of my page.

• I do this once a week and it has helped me be more in tuned to what I should be posting.


• As with anything keep your posts engaging and interesting. Post pictures, videos, questions, polls, tips, promotions, and any other relevant content for your fans. Posting the same information every day or way too often will cause people to unfollow you.


• You can use Facebook's question tool to create a quick multiple choice survey gauge what your audience is looking for. This will increase engagement because it is easy to do, which means your fans will be more open to participating.

• You can also ask a quick question that can provide a quick response. For example, you can ask "What is 1 area you need help with in building your business?". They can respond: Social Media, Article Marketing, Mindset, and the list can go on.

• The easier you make it, the more engagement you will get.


• Creating a really great free gift to your subscribers is a great way to entice new fans or increase engagement.

• Here is the kicker... make the free offer a real free offer. No gimmicks, no please enroll in this program or that, no fluff... none of that. Would you like to receive a gift with strings attached?

• This can be a free report, a CD, a teleseminar, product giveaway or anything pertaining to your business.

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